8 Sep


I was curious: Who will be making the scramble for NaNoWriMo this year? I try every year, but something happens and I’m unable to finish. In 2009 it was Job Loss, and in 2010 it was a trip home for Thanksgiving. But this year, I’m prepared! I have a story in mind and absolutely no foreseeable plans during that month.

Knock on wood.

ProjInfinite will not be done by that time, so I plan on setting Quincy’s adventures aside for that month to bust out a novella of around 50k words. Interestingly enough, my boss has also expressed her interest in wroodling away the November month, so we’re going to attempt a writing pow-wow of sorts. Regardless on if it will work, I’m hoping NaNoWriMo will be the kick in the bum I need to actually hop back into a writing schedule.

I’ll be posting up an unedited version of my NaNoWroodle on the blog when I’m finished some time in December. I’m excited for this year. I feel good about it!


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