About the Little Monster

If you clicked on this link, it means you’re either very interested in my work… or you’re planning on stalking me. Because I’m not a terribly interesting creature to stalk, I’m going to assume the former.

I’ve been a writer my whole life, but that isn’t anything impressive. Many people wrote stories as children: writers and construction workers and doctors and animators and teachers and moms and dads. What impresses me are the people who write as adults. Now that is cool.

My name is Courtney Parks, and while I did not study literature or the English language in college, I did study the elements of storytelling. Well, even that is a loose description of what I actually do. Let’s just say I studied animation and art during my college career, and I’m doing something related to those studies as my day job.

By night, (and some lunch times,) I’m a writer aspiring to be published. I use that term frequently because I dislike the term aspiring writer. Why should I be aspiring to write, when I can simply write?

I can honestly say I’ve written almost every day of my life since the pimpled days of high school. Aside from working on several short stories and forgotten manuscripts, I did a lot of collaborating with others. When I’m not working and I’m not able to write, I read. Mostly YA novels, I should say, but those are the best sorts of books to read.

So, what am I doing now? I’m writing a YA novel and dreaming that it shall one day sit on shelves and find homes in the ebook readers of the future, nestled beside others in the series I hope it will become. It will happen. Eventually.

We have a cat who purrs at the mere acknowledgement of his presence, and I alone keep rats as delightful, snuggly pets. I live some place in the forward-thinking land of San Francisco, and spend the majority of my time hidden away in an office somewhere in the heart of the city.

Almost every job I’ve held has involved the creative industry in some form. From serving popcorn in movie theaters to deleting late fees at a rental shop, I’ve done my best to immerse myself in anything that possesses some form of storytelling. Now I work closely to the creative field, but it still isn’t enough. I want to write. I want to create worlds and people and emotions. Of course, time is hard to come by, but I’m doing it to the best of my ability.

Current projects: Project Infinite. 

Favorite authors: Currently?

PW Catanese for his remarkable avoidance of adjectives and adverbs and his motley crew of characters.

Dan Wells for his remarkable sense of pacing and humorous display of the horrific and unexplainable.

JK Rowling for her cleverness, mostly.


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